Internal Family Systems Therapy

Internal Family Systems therapy is a unique form of therapy that helps individuals explore and heal the different parts of their internal self. The IFS model proposes that each person has multiple internal "parts" that make up their inner world. These parts are often in conflict with each other, which can lead to emotional distress, anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

In IFS therapy, I work with you to identify these different parts, understand how they interact with each other, and create a safe and compassionate space for these parts to communicate with each other. By doing so, you can learn to integrate these different parts and achieve a greater sense of wholeness and well-being.
The somatic therapy process involves two essential elements: mindfully returning to the experience of trauma until you are able to feel and release it, and then using mindful awareness as a way to monitor your body's responses as you go through daily life.

Potential Benefits of Internal Family Systems Therapy Include:

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